Suncatcher 6 butterflies craft set

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  • 6 large butterly frames & plenty of tissue paper
  • Beautiful art&craft activity set
  • For outdoor play, kid's room decoration, play in car
  • Develop fine motoric skills
  • For kids from 2 years


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Don Nang is a craft project inspired by the stained glass art seen in churches’ architecture. After hours of fun crafting activity, you are now holding a mini stained glass masterpiece, bringing along the whole unique European classic vibe into your child’s hand. You can paste Don Nang on glass window on a sunny day to enjoy the effects of sunbeams through your colorful Don Nang. Take a picture and save the moment.


  • 6 large black frames (3 different shapes, 2 each) from very thick cardboard paper
  • 7 different colors of thin see-through paper
  • double-sided tape, so you can stick suncatchers on the window


From 4 to 99 (we are not joking, we noticed parents love to play and so as grandparents :-)

Younger kids who want to make Don Nang need to have adult’s supports since there is using scissors involved.


  1. Craft activity: kids usually spend 15 to 30 minutes creating one suncatcher. It is more fun when they do it in group (birthday party, class activity, family weekend’s activity)
  2. Play outside: on a nice day go outside, you can place it against the sun light to directly see the light effect on the suncatchers
  3. Decorate windows: stick them to the window. Sun will go through the color paper and make them beautiful decoration
  4. Decorate car windows: same applies for the car. Please only for windows at the back. And please for safety of your kids, use the child seat!
  5. Make a crafty gift card: you can make and send to a friend as crafty cards like a thank-you card, a get-well-soon card, a birthday card, a mother’s day card, a father’s day card


  • Enhance aesthetics: combining different layers of color papers teach kids to understand color changes. Sun coming though the color paper make them shiny and beautiful. Just place them against the sun
  • Motor skill: practicing the cleverness of hands through activities such as cutting, tearing, combining colors, decorating
  • Team-work through fun crafting activities with friends in class or birthday party or with family at weekends.
  • Practicing concentration, patience and perseverance


If you don’t like the product, we will return your money without questioning (sometimes called change of mind). Just to note, returned product should not be used. If you open and have a look, that is ok. If you return to us broken or used frames, that is not ok.


It is made of paper, therefore, TEDU will warranty if it arrived folded, wrinkled or bended or missing parts, please contact us.

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REVIEW CHO BỘ TRÒ CHƠI “ĐÓN NẮNG” CỦA ĐỒ CHƠI GIÁO DỤC TEDU Mình và con mình rất thích sản phẩm Đón Nắng của Tedu đơn giản vì nó rất đẹp. A2 làm xong con chuồn chuồn cho e gái, em cứ ngắm mãi, cứ chạy ra chỗ kính giơ lên đèn đường để xem một cách thích thú lắm (bộ này là đón nắng nên chơi ngoài nắng rất đẹp), nhưng vì 2ae đi học sáng chiều tối về mới chơi đc nên vô tình phát hiện ra chơi dưới đèn đường cũng rất thú vị. Thao tác nghĩ là đơn giản nhưng đòi hỏi phải kiên nhẫn và luyện sự khéo léo của các ngón tay. Cảm ơn Tedu đã nghĩ ra một sản phẩm thật đơn giản nhưng thật hay. Chấm Đón Nắng 5sao vì sản phẩm đẹp xuất sắc mà còn tạo cơ hội cho ba mẹ chơi cùng con.

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